Ready for some personal development?
Curious about what next?
Contemplating a change?
Then coaching is for you.

Consider coaching if you feel that talking about your situation will be helpful. For example; a new venture; change of role; managing new or competing demands; loss of direction; need for self-reflection; taking stock; moving on with your life.

Coaching involves working with someone outside of your current circle who will help you to reflect, to make sense of yourself and your situation. You’ll generate new insights, leading to greater understanding. Encouraged to explore from different perspectives, you’ll find your own answers and direction. Coaching enables you to evolve in your own distinct and unique way.

What clients are saying

Warm & approachable style

I cannot recommend Joyce’s coaching skills highly enough. Joyce’s warm & approachable style made me feel totally comfortable and at ease. After a major life change, I found it difficult to decide on the next step and struggled to clearly see my various ways forward. I felt stuck. Joyce listened, clarified and helped me reflect… Read more “Warm & approachable style”

Highly recommend coaching

I found that taking the time to undertake coaching with Joyce was really beneficial to me. It helped me to work out how to organise both my home and work life, and I felt I was treated very much as a whole person. Joyce really helps you work through the problems yourself: providing a mirror… Read more “Highly recommend coaching”

Extremely rewarding

I’m a natural health practitioner, and I approached Joyce for help during a time when I was planning a new phase in my work. She helped enormously in two main ways. Firstly, she helped me develop a manageable, step-by-step process which has made my goals more achievable and significantly reduced my sense of overwhelm. Secondly, she expertly… Read more “Extremely rewarding”

Everyone could use a bit of coaching in their life!

Joyce was a joy to work with. I had no idea what to expect from Life coaching but she immediately put me at ease. I looked forward to each of our sessions and always left feeling motivated and ready to take on the world. I think everyone could use a bit of coaching in their… Read more “Everyone could use a bit of coaching in their life!”

Working with Joyce was a great experience

As a postgraduate student I was hesitant at first to try coaching as I thought it wasn’t for me but I am really glad I did! Working with Joyce was a great experience that helped me change my perspective towards arisen life challenges. Joyce helped me a lot at a moment when I felt lost… Read more “Working with Joyce was a great experience”

Brilliant listener

Coaching with Joyce is a comfortable joy. She is a brilliant listener and she ‘really’ helps you to ‘really’ think and reflect on your answers. She has helped me to clarify what I want from my career and with that I’m eternally grateful. Thank you Joyce
-Artist (2016-17)