Coaching for Coaches

Why coaching for coaches?

As part of your continuing professional development my coaching offers you a safe learning space. A place where the coach can take risks, reflect on their practice and be assured they are supported in their learning journey.  The focus of coaching for coaches is development of a ‘growth-mindset’ approach to practice.

Coaching for coaches

My ‘coaching for coaches’ service contributes to continuing professional development (CPD). As a development coach my process supports mutual learning and further development of our capacity for reflection and reflexivity. This offer is relevant to coaches in training, those new to the profession and established practitioners.

Coaching approach;

My coaching approach draws on a range of traditions, allowing me to tailor my coaching style to the individual coach and coaching issue. Under pinned by person-centred values, listening, questioning skills and use of creative methods to encourage the coach to fully explore their coaching approach.  Reflecting on practice both to generate insights and further self-understanding to the benefit of our clients.  

Important note; this service is not a substitute for coaching supervision

Coaching practice credentials;

I hold an MA in Coaching & Mentoring Practice from Oxford Brookes University. I am a member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), my practice follows EMCC ethical guidelines. I engage in regular practice supervision and continuing professional development.