All prospective clients are offered an initial 30 minute session free of charge. It’s an opportunity to ask any questions you have about coaching, how coaching may help you, or about my credentials and how I work.

We’ll explore what situation has brought you to coaching and what it is you hope to gain. There is no obligation to commit to coaching at this stage, you’ll be given space and time to decide if coaching is appropriate for you at this time, and whether I am the ‘right coach’ for you.

When you decide to go ahead we’ll arrange our first session, each one is 50 minutes long. The number of sessions is dictated by you, it will depend on your coaching issue and your desired outcome. To give you an idea; three to five sessions, with 2-3 week intervals between each one, is typical.


Sessions last 50 minutes.
Individual coaching is available in North Wiltshire, Bath or Bristol;

By prior arrangement alternative venues for face to face meetings may be possible, for example; your place of work.